An IoT-Driven Soil Nutrient Monitoring System for Enhanced Pineapple Farming


  • Adaikan Kannappan UTHM
  • Elmy Johana Binti Mohamad UTHM
  • Tee Kian Sek UTHM


In the agricultural industry today, sensor-based crop environment monitoring has lately gained popularity. Malaysian agriculture is heavily dependent on weather stability and climates that are predicted to have a significant impact on industry. There is no denying that climate change has an influence on our agricultural systems. Agriculture is having more trouble as a result of extreme weather events that significantly reduce food yields as a result of climate change. Although there are few ways to prevent climate change, there are steps that may be taken to better prepare for its impact on agriculture. Temperature, humidity, and soil moisture are just a few of the crucial variables that must be carefully controlled to keep crops to grow healthy and rapidly. A system for monitoring agriculture using the Internet of Things (IoT) has been created as a result of this issue. This system includes a 7-in-1 sensor and electronic parts. It keeps an eye on the health of the crop in order to gather information and show it on an IoT platform. Utilizing LoRaWan has improved the monitoring system. By sending the sensors data from the system's receiver, the transmitter's sensors data have been obtained. Additionally, the receiver received the sensor data information, and utilizing the ESP32 as the Wi-Fi connection medium, Google Firebase was used to send the data for online storage. In addition, a mobile application for Android has been created to view data more efficiently than a graphical display.




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A. Kannappan, E. J. Binti Mohamad, and Tee Kian Sek, “An IoT-Driven Soil Nutrient Monitoring System for Enhanced Pineapple Farming”, TSSA, vol. 6, no. 1, pp. 37–42, Jun. 2023.